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Taxa: Scutellaria potosina, Scutellaria potosina ssp. potosina, Scutellaria potosina ssp. parviflora, Scutellaria potosina ssp. platyphylla, Scutellaria potosina var. platyphylla (Scutellaria platyphylla), Scutellaria potosina var. davisiana, Scutellaria potosina var. tessellata (Scutellaria tessellata, S... (show all)
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University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Herbarium Vascular Plant Collection

01695808W. Hodgson   H7011980-06-12
United States, Arizona, Gila, Trail to Alder Saddle, Four Peaks, Mazatzal Mtns, 33.683301 -111.309598

01695816C. G. Pringle   8501886-04-13
Mexico, Chihuahua, Santa Eulalia Mountains

01695824Engard   H17931982-07-11
Mexico, Coahuila, Cuesta La Muralla, ca 45 mi S of Monclova off Hwy 57

01695832D. Atwood   181021993-06-11
United States, Arizona, Gila, T10N, R9W, Cypress thicket and adjacent limestone hills ca 6 airline mi NW of Rye. 1200 ft elevation, 34.1667 -111.4167, 366m

Page 1, records 1-4 of 4

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