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This page provides a complete list of taxa that have images. Use the controls below to browse and search for images by family, genus, or species.
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Callisia graminea
Callisia rosea
Commelina caroliniana
Commelina coelestis
Commelina communis
Commelina dianthifolia
Commelina diffusa
Commelina diffusa var. diffusa
Commelina erecta
Commelina erecta var. angustifolia
Commelina longicaulis
Commelina virginica
Murdannia keisak
Tinantia anomala
Tradescantia bracteata
Tradescantia crassifolia
Tradescantia ernestiana
Tradescantia hirsuticaulis
Tradescantia hirsutiflora
Tradescantia occidentalis
Tradescantia occidentalis var. scopulorum
Tradescantia ohiensis
Tradescantia pinetorum
Tradescantia rosea
Tradescantia subaspera
Tradescantia tharpii
Tradescantia virginiana